Versace Dylan Blue Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue Review: Is it the Best Blue Fragrance?

Versace Dylan Blue
Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue is one of the most popular blue fragrances for men released in 2016.

We are reviewing one of the most popular blue fragrances on the market. And we're going to see if this Versace Dylan Blue is good as a blue fragrance and if it stacks up to some of the heaviest hitters when it comes to the blue genre of fragrances, such as Blue de Chanel, Sauvage, YSL Y EDP Profumo, Profondo, those kind of fragrances.

And if you're not familiar with the blue genre of fragrances, I would pretty much describe it as a masculine kind of body wash kind of scent, very, very clean, very heavy on Ambroxan, and most of the time, and sometimes very peppery as well. So yeah, let's go ahead and go over some information about Dylan Blue now.

Now, the perfumer behind Dylan Blue is a master perfumer who has made so many incredible fragrances in the past. And his resume is so good, and of course, I'm talking about Alberto Morillas, who is actually behind the original Acqua di Gio, even all the Acqua di Gio flankers.

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What does Versace Dylan Blue smell like?

Versace Dylan Blue notes:

The top notes are Calabrian bergamot, Water Notes, Grapefruit, and Fig Leaf.

Middle notes are Ambroxan, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Violet Leaf, and Papyrus.

Base notes are Incense, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Saffron.

When you first spray Dylan Blue, you'll be greeted with a burst of citrus. The combination of bergamot and grapefruit gives it a juicy and refreshing scent, enhanced by the aquatic notes, which makes it a little bit ozonic, but it's done very, very nicely.

Versace Dylan Blue does have some very similar notes to Blue de Chanel, such as the grapefruit. You have the incense and more of the dried down, which gives it a nice, more masculine kind of smoky touch, which I love. And that's also found in Profumo as well.

So very similar scent DNAs when it comes to all three of those fragrances. It is also a little bit green from that fig leaf. And you also have a nice earthy petroleum, especially on the initial blast.

I get both of those, which makes it a little bit different than the other blue fragrances with that greenness to the fragrance. But it is also very, very peppery from that black pepper, kind of similar to Dior Sauvage with the Ambroxan and the black pepper.

To me, guys, how I would pretty much explain this, it's kind of a mix of Blue de Chanel with the grapefruit, the incense, and then a mixture with Dior Sauvage EDT with the Ambroxan and pink pepper. So it's like a mixture of those two, and it's done very, very well.

Now, as it dried down, I do get some of that incense, but it's not as heavy on incense as it would be in Blue de Chanel and Profumo.

This one, it's a little bit more subtle and a little bit toned down. 

Extremely crowd-pleasing; everyone would love this fragrance. I can't see this fragrance getting any hate from either guys or women.

This stuff is just so inoffensive, and everyone loves it. I've got so many comments about this fragrance.

This is one of the most complimented blue fragrances in my collection. People just absolutely love Dylan Blue.

I am so glad to get a bottle of this in my collection because this one pretty much surprised me a lot compared to the other blue fragrances.

Now I would say Blue de Chanel would probably still be my favorite, in my opinion, Blue de Chanel is much more natural-smelling and just kind of put together a little bit better than Dylan Blue.

It does smell a little bit more luxurious. But I do prefer Dylan Blue over the original Dior Sauvage.

I think Versace Dylan Blue should be in everyone's collection.

You do get a ton of Ambroxan, especially as it dries down. It lasts pretty much the entire life of the fragrance. It's not as much of an Ambroxan bomb as Dior Sauvage; that is pretty much just Ambroxan in your face.

I don't get much violet in this fragrance, which is a good thing for me. I'm not a fan of violet leaf that much at all. Sometimes you can come across more like gasoline, and I'm just not a huge fan of that note. 

Now, there is saffron and papyrus in here, but I don't get those notes either.

I do get the fig leaf; I do get a nice clean white musk in the base, like very, very dried out of this fragrance.

And I do obviously get the patchouli and the black pepper, which gives a nice earthy and spiciness to this fragrance as well.

All in all, I would pretty much say this is just a very citrusy, clean, aquatic, slightly smoky, and peppery fragrance. That's the best way to describe this kind of genre of fragrance here.

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How long does Versace Dylan Blue last?

Now, performance is where Dylan Blue absolutely shines.

This is definitely above average in my testing. I easily get around 10 hours of longevity with Dylan Blue.

And it projects very nicely for around 3 to 4 hours without a problem, around 6 feet distance from me. It feels like a nice scent bubble around me, and everyone can smell this one even hours and hours after the first application of it.

So it does perform very, very nicely. It outperforms Blue de Chanel when it comes to longevity and projection. And I would say it's about equal to Sauvage EDT. They're both about equal when it comes to the performance category.

So no complaints at all when it comes to the performance with Dylan Blue.

When to wear Versace Dylan Blue?

It's absolutely a versatile fragrance, easy to wear.

It's a complement-getting fragrance, one that you could wear day or night.

I would wear it in spring, summer, or fall. Probably not wintertime, even though it does get a little bit darker with the incense coming out and everything.

It's still not really what I would consider a winter fragrance when it's extremely cold outside.


So would I recommend Dylan Blue?

I would 100% recommend you to get this fragrance if you're looking for a good blue, all-occasion, all-season, crowd-pleasing fragrance that will pull so many comments. Because for the price you can get this one, it's 100% worth it, guys.

I would even recommend this over Sauvage and Blue de Chanel and YSL just because of the price value you can pick this up for. It's just so worth it, guys.

Having a bottle of Dylan Blue in your collection is a no-brainer. It’s one of the most budget-friendly, widely available, and positively reviewed fragrances on the market today.

Among all the Versace fragrances I own (The Dreamer, Eros EDT, and Blue Jeans), even though The Dreamer holds a sentimental place in my heart, Dylan Blue is still my absolute favorite.

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