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Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Review

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean
Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is a men's cologne launched in 2021.

Before this release, it had been a while since Prada introduced a new fragrance in their main line.

The last one was in 2019, and 2020 saw no releases.

In 2021, we got Prada Luna Rossa Ocean.

Additionally, in 2023, we also have Prada Luna Rossa Ocean EDP.

Today, we will address important questions about the Prada Luna Rossa Ocean.

Does it smell like the ocean? Is it a good release? Does it resemble other scents? Can it garner compliments? 


The Box:

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Box 0
Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Box
Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Box 2 0

On the front of the box, you have the name of the house, the name of the fragrance, the size, and the concentration.

There is nothing at the top other than that Luna Rossa stripe.

There is also nothing on the sides.

On the back, you have the precautions and the ingredients.

Finally, at the bottom, you will find your batch code.

The Bottle:

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Bottle 0
Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Bottle

Here we have the bottle again, with the name of the fragrance and the name of the house right on the front.

The atomizer is built into the top.

There is nothing on the back.

On the bottom, you have your sticker with your batch code.

I like the presentation. I think the bottle looks slick. I love the gradient, with it being a little bit darker at the bottom and then transitioning to a deep blue at the top. I also appreciate the box.

What does Prada Luna Rossa Ocean smell like?

Let's first unveil the fragrance notes.

The top notes are Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and Artemisia.

Middle notes are Lavender, Iris, Sage, Suede, and Saffron.

Base notes are Musk, Haitian Vetiver, Caramel, and Patchouli.

The first question you might ask yourself is, is Luna Rossa Ocean a highly aquatic fragrance?

I would say no, it's not.

While it will leave you smelling fresh and clean for the most part, being fresh and clean doesn't equate to the scent of the ocean.

It doesn't resemble water, even though water can make you feel fresh and clean; however, it doesn't have the aroma of water, and it certainly doesn't have an oceanic scent.

You won't find a prominent sea saltiness or a driftwood element in this fragrance.

That's not what this fragrance is about.

So when you first spray this on, you're gonna get hit with a blast of bergamot.

You've got a little bit of fresh spice in there, and it is gonna remind you of potentially five, six, seven other fragrances in the opening.

So by that, I mean, it has this blue fragrance opening where it smells very versatile, mass-appealing, clean, fresh, easy to wear, compliment-pulling, all that stuff.

You know, blue fragrances, that's what this smells like in the opening. The one that it's drawn the most comparison to so far is Blue de Chanel from Chanel.

Now, that being said, I don't think this smells like Blue de Chanel, but it is that type of scent where you smell it in the opening, you give it a spray, you let it settle, and you go, “I think I've smelled something like that before.” It's got that kind of vibe in the opening.

All that to the side, though, it smells nice and inviting in the opening. Smells good.

Like I said, versatile, people-pleasing, that's what it smells like. A bunch of bergamot, kind of a green tinge. So like a green-tinged blue fragrance opening.

Pretty quickly, it starts to go into the mid, and that's where the iris is going to start coming up with a bit of lavender as well.

And the further it gets into the mid, the more of a similarity it takes on to the Prada L'Homme line.

So the iris that's here in Luna Rossa Ocean comes across a bit like the iris that you're going to find in Prada L'Homme line.

And so what ends up happening is this retains a lot of that blue fragrance style and sensibility that it has from the opening, but it melds together with that clean, fresh iris from Prada L'Homme.

So it ends up smelling like what a blue fragrance would smell like if it were released in the Prada L'Homme line. But it's not, it's in the “Luna Rossa” line.

Truthfully, guys, through the mid, the more I've worn this, the more I like it, which is not a surprise because I'm a fan of the Prada L'Homme line in general. I think it's really solid.

Even though this may not be the most original fragrance, as it draws inspiration from other scents, particularly in the opening with that fresh, vibrant blue note, and later transitioning into something reminiscent of Prada L'Homme with subtle twists and tweaks, I truly believe it smells fantastic.

As you progress into the dry down, the scent reveals more vetiver, presenting a clean vetiver with a dry undertone. When you catch a significant whiff, it imparts a dry woodiness.

Additionally, patchouli emerges, leaning more towards the cleaner side rather than being earthy or dirty.

In the far dry down, a lot of muskiness comes out. A clean white musk, it's blended well.

Everything here is very smooth.

There's only a touch of powder from that iris. It never goes too far down that powdery path.

And that's good because that gives it a little bit more wearability.

After all, with a lot of fragrances, when they start getting too powdery, a lot of people start to write those off, and they go, “Okay, I'm not gonna wear that during the summer. I'm not gonna wear that ever again because I'm a man. I don't do that.” But you know, some of you out there do, don't lie to yourself.

So the fact that they rein that in a little bit and they keep it from going too powdery with the iris but retain that Prada feel with the iris, is nice.

As you can probably tell, Prada Luna Rossa Ocean has grown on me. I didn't dislike it when I initially smelled it.

I might have been a bit let down, expecting something more unique or avant-garde.

However, that's not what this fragrance is.

Nonetheless, I can't deny that I love the way it smells.

It's one of those situations where you need to take a step back and acknowledge that you enjoy the scent, even if some might consider it redundant or boring.

Personally, I don't find it boring, but I understand that some people might feel differently.

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How long does the Prada Luna Rossa Ocean last?

It's better than I originally expected. 6+ hours, pretty easily, I'd say 7+, realistically.

Projection is best in the first hour to an hour and a half, but even two, or three hours in, I can still catch whiffs of it pretty easily.

So for me, performance is pretty good.

And I would say part of that is probably because of how that atomizer functions. It does hit you with a blast.

When to wear Prada Luna Rossa Ocean?

Season-wise, a ton of versatility here.

I'd say spring, summer, fall easily.

And you could probably pull it off in winter as well.

Like I usually say with fragrances that do have versatility like this one, just adjust your sprays up or down as needed depending on where you're going, what you're going to be doing, what the temperature is going to be, all that stuff.

If it's going to be somewhere cold, and you're going to be outside a lot, adjust your sprays up.

If it's going to be ultra-hot, you're going to be around a ton of people, maybe dial it down a little bit.

In summary – Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

Despite initial skepticism, Prada Luna Rossa Ocean has grown on me.

While not groundbreaking, its blend of familiar elements creates an appealing fragrance.

It sits well within the Prada lineup, offering a mass-appealing, versatile option.

Though some criticize it, I genuinely appreciate Prada Luna Rossa Ocean.

Its pleasant scent, reminiscent of Prada L'homme with a blue fragrance twist, appeals to me.

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