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Missoni Wave Review: A Summer Splash of Elegance

Missoni Wave
Missoni Wave

Missoni Wave is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men released in 2020.

This is the flanker to Missoni Parfum Pour Homme, which smells like Blue de Chanel.

And Missoni Wave also kind of smells like a Chanel.

In this article, I'll break down this fragrance, let you know what I think about it, and let you know how it smells.


The box:

I like it and love the design. I like how the color kind of gets darker toward the ends.

You get the name of the house, the name of the fragrance, sizing, and concentration right on the front. Missoni is up at the top. Nothing on the back, nothing on the sides either.

On the bottom, you have a bunch of information. You've got your ingredients, your batch code, your barcode.

The Bottle:

Same bottle design as Missoni Parfum Pour Homme. This one has a nice blue gradient, an oceanic kind of vibe coming off the bottle here, and you've got the name of the house on top of the cap.

The cap is magnetic, and it's strong. You can pick this up by the magnet pretty easily if you want to. 

The atomizer is pretty good.

What does Missoni Wave smell like?

Let's first unveil the notes of the fragrance:

The top notes are Sea Notes, Citruses, and Sicilian Mandarin.

Middle notes are Lavender, Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Egyptian Pelargonium.

Base notes are Vanilla Orchid, Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli, and Oakmoss.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this one does have a similarity to Chanel.

So, Missoni here, twice in a row, seems to be copying pages from Chanel's playbook.

The fragrance that it's a bit similar to Chanel Allure Homme Sport, which also means that it's similar to Versace Pour Homme because Versace Pour Homme is also similar to Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

So, these three fragrances, to an extent, are like the three summertime amigos.

It's hot outside, you want compliments, you want to smell nice, one of these.

But where does Missoni Wave's scent profile differ from those two fragrances, and how does it smell overall?

So, Missoni Wave, when you first spray it on, has this really, really nice opening, kind of a sea-salty vibe, very aquatic, and you've got some fresh, juicy citrus that pops out, especially mandarin that has a very slight green tint to it, green citrus just ever so slightly, and it's got this bit of creaminess to the citrus as well.

So, it's got a bunch of different things going on, but all done very well, super pleasing, really appealing. Doesn't come across as too synthetically sweet or anything like that.

That's great, you know, you don't want something that's just going to bash you over the head with this chemical sweetness in the middle of summer when it's really hot outside. Thankfully, none of that is here.

As it dries down, the fragrance takes on a little bit of a woody undertone, so it's this fresh, aquatic, woody feel as it dries. 

Citrus fades away gradually. It does take on, like I said, a slight creamy feel, but it never really approaches the level of something like Allure Homme Sport.

I would say it's definitely on the more aquatic and fresher side as compared to Allure Homme Sport because Allure Homme Sport does have, at least for me, a bit more sweetness to it than Missoni Wave does.

You get a little lavender here, a little clary sage, but not too much. Ultimately, this is all about that opening, that fantastic sea-salty aquatic opening, very fresh and lively with just the right touch of sweetness. And then as it dries down, that woody base comes out.

And I know that the base has oakmoss and vetiver and patchouli, so you would think maybe you're going to pick out one of those notes, it's going to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn't end up happening.

Once it dries down, they all kind of just meld together. And as I mentioned before, it's a pleasant, fresh, woody, masculine dry down with the remnants of the top and the mid kind of sitting over the top of that.

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Comparisons between Massoni Wave and Versace Pour Homme and Chanel Allure Home Sport:

Massoni Wave for me, kind of falls in between these two fragrances in some way.

So, Missoni Wave, you get more of that aquatic feel, whereas Versace Pour Homme, you get more of those white florals coming through.

Between the two, I'd say Versace Pour Homme comes across a little bit lighter, maybe a little bit cleaner, and has that focus on white florals, which you won't find in Missoni Wave.

And then Allure Homme Sport has more density to it, it has more sweetness, more creaminess to it as compared to Missoni Wave. 

So, Missoni Wave is going just very fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, and while Allure Homme Sport is fresh, it is not as much as Missoni Wave.

And Missoni Wave does have that little, little tiny touch of creaminess to it in the opening, it's just not on par with Allure Homme Sport.

But Versace Pour Homme doesn't have that at all, which is why I say Missoni Wave kind of falls in between the two.

Now, Do I think should you buy Missoni Wave?

If you own Versace Pour Homme and Allure Homme Sport or either one of them, Missoni Wave could be redundant for you.

Now, if you love that style of fragrance, you like what these two scents do, and you want another take very much in that style, then check Missoni Wave out.

But if you're worried that it's going to be redundant and you already own one or both of Versace Pour Homme or Allure Homme Sport, yes, it's redundant.

That doesn't mean the fragrance is bad because it's not. It smells really good, especially in high-heat situations or casual situations or the office, you know, any of those. It's safe, it's a people-pleasing scent, smells great.

So don't take me saying that it's redundant as me saying it smells bad because it doesn't.

And especially as the price drops on this, it will be awesome for so many people during the summer, telling you, drops to $30, $35, it is a great buy at that point because the presentation is slick.

A lot of people are going to like this more than Versace Pour Homme or the Chanel in terms of presentation because you get that nice gradient, the glass is really heavy, fits in the hand well, it's got a great atomizer and a magnetic cap.

So for a lot of people, this would be the choice, I feel like.

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Now, which one would I rather own? 

That's a really hard question. I'd rather just own all of them.

So, I don't know that I can realistically answer that for you guys in this article because it's kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other for me.

I think as of right now, I'd probably choose to wear Missoni Wave over the other two, but that's only for one reason, which is I have owned Versace Pour Homme and Allure Homme Sport for a long time, and I've worn them a whole mess of times.

So it's kind of like, well, why not wear this? It's newer, you know, not worn it as much. So that's why.

If you are looking, though, for an aquatic fragrance that has good performance, which I'll talk about in just a moment, and hyper versatility that people love, that is a compliment-puller, then check out Missoni Wave, if I can say that much.

It's surprisingly good, even though it's not original at all.

How long does Missoni Wave last?

In terms of performance, this is an aquatic. You would think maybe it doesn't have too much punch to it, but it surprisingly performs very well.

We're talking 7+ hours off my skin. 

In terms of projection, pretty good first hour, hour and a half.

You can pick it up really well, especially as you move around.

After that, it does sit closer to the skin.

And this is one of those fragrances that, for me anyway, it'll be projecting, you know, be pumping out there, and then suddenly it's just chilled out, and you think, ‘Where'd it go? Is it still there?' It's still there, but it's just, it's closer.

When to Wear Missoni Wave?

it leans more toward daytime use.

Season, spring, summer, maybe early fall.

It is office-safe.

It's a great casual scent and a great kind of just dumb-reach fragrance, one of those you just grab, spray, and go.

It doesn't matter where you're going, people are going to like it.


Missoni Wave is a fragrance worth exploring.

Despite its undeniable inspiration from other popular fragrances, it manages to carve its niche with a refreshing and pleasant scent profile.

With its impressive performance and versatile nature, it's a fantastic addition to any fragrance collection.

The beautifully designed bottle and magnetic cap are just cherries on top, enhancing the overall experience.

Missoni Wave may not be groundbreaking in terms of originality, but it certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the world of aquatic fragrances.

So, if you're seeking a fragrance that embodies the spirit of summer and versatility, Missoni Wave is a must-try option.

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