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Azzaro The Most Wanted Review

Azzaro The Most Wanted
Azzaro The Most Wanted

Azzaro The Most Wanted is an Amber Spicy fragrance for men released in 2021, this is the fourth fragrance in the Wanted line.

You had the original Azzaro Wanted which smells kind of like Invictus, so this is Azaaro's Invictus-inspired fragrance.

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Azzaro Wanted

After that came Wanted by Night, and this one I like, one of the best bang-for-your-buck scents out there. It's unique, it's attention-grabbing, it's sweet, it's compliment-pulling.

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Azzaro Wanted By Night

And then there was Azzaro Wanted Tonic, which sucks, I was going to try to be nice toward it. It's not worth the money, it's a generic sports fragrance, a gym fragrance.

There are thousands of those out there. Don't spend the money on this, unless you just want to complete the Wanted collection.

There are so many fragrances out there that will do exactly what this does for less money.

So we had some hits, we had some misses in the Wanted lineup, and then this one was announced with the black bottle and the idea of a richer, deeper, darker Wanted. Yeah, that sounded good.

One thing, unfortunately, that this fragrance does have is the whole three-note thing that I like to complain about, that I love to hate, where you have one note in the top, one in the mid, one at the base, so they're not giving you a whole bunch of information. I don't like that a whole lot.

This one does that, so it's got cardamom in the top, it has toffee in the middle, and amber woods in the base. So that's it, that's pretty much what they give you.

Now, if you go to, they give you vanilla and vetiver in the base instead of amber woods, but the general idea is the same, once you hit that dry down, it's just going to be warm, sweet, and modern woodsy.

So, Azzaro The Most Wanted, how does it come across to me?

Not hyper-complex in the sense that it changes constantly. It's pretty consistent with how it smells from the top to the dry down. It does change, but it's not a massive change.

What does Azzaro The Most Wanted smell like?

Azzaro The Most Wanted Notes:

The top note is Cardamom.

The middle note is Toffee.

The base note is Amberwood.

When you first spray it on, you get a little bit of this hint of fruity sweetness that gets overwhelmed pretty much immediately.

That toffee comes in, and it's just like, ‘Hey, how's it going? Get out of here.' It just takes that fruit by the face and just kind of knocks it out of the way.

Is there cardamom in here? Sure, more of a green cardamom, not the cardamom that you're going to find in something like La Nuit de L'homme or anything like that. And ultimately, the star of the show here is going to be that toffee, and then the amber woodiness that it has as it dries down.

The toffee, especially as you head through the middle of the fragrance, is going to remind you very strongly of Stronger With You by Emporio Armani, also Stronger With You Intensely.

So it smells to an extent like Azzaro's version of that line of fragrances.

So for me, on the whole, Wanted by Night is still going to be the most original of the bunch.

If you're talking about the fragrance that stands out the most, kind of doing its own thing, that would be Wanted by Night.

So, Azzaro The Most Wanted, as soon as you spray it on, it's probably going to remind you of Stronger With You or Stronger With You Intensely.

As it heads through the mid, that ramps up even more, that resemblance between the two.

Once you hit the dry down, the toffee does move into the background a little bit. It's still there, a residual toffee-like warmth and sweetness, but at that point, it's working hand in hand with the amber woods until the amber woods kind of overshadow them.

When to Wear Azzaro The Most Wanted?

This one is going to be more for fall and wintertime use, more of a nighttime fragrance, obviously.

I mean, you can tell that just by looking at the bottle, but you can pull it off during the day just as well.

It is office safe, but I would dial it back if you wear it to the office. And that is because the performance here is really good on my skin.

Azzaro The Most Wanted is a beast.

I don't know how it is for anybody else, but for me, it is strong, much stronger than I expected when I first wore the fragrance, especially in the first couple of hours.

It pushes out hard, and you notice it more as you're moving around more.

It's one of those fragrances where as you're moving about, you'll just catch these big whiffs of it, and you'll be like, ‘Oh man, that is pumping.'

Now, maybe if you're sitting at your desk and you're not really moving or doing anything, or you're just sitting there watching TV, you won't pick it up quite as much. You'll just catch a little whiff now and again.

But if you're out doing anything and you've sprayed this on, you're going to smell it.

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How long does Azzaro The Most Wanted last?

In terms of longevity for me, 8+ hours on my skin.

So it's a strong boy. It's been eating its Wheaties, or doing steroids, whatever you want to say.

In terms of mass appeal, this one is the best. That one's pulled a lot of positive attention.

My wife loves it, it is just a monster, projects heavily, that sweetness seems to rope people in, and it's a great scent for just commanding attention.

Now, it's very sweet, more than any other fragrance in this line.

So if you don't like those fragrances that go heavy with a sticky, syrupy sweetness, where you can almost feel it in the back of your palate when you smell it, if you don't like that, you're probably not going to like this, assuming you don't mind that ultra-sweetness. It's really, really good.

My Overall Assessment:

So overall, from my first impression till now, I do like Azzaro The Most Wanted a bit more than I originally did.

It's grown on me, though I will say that the similarity it has to Stronger With You and Stronger With You Intensely is a little bit disappointing because you can tell they didn't go into this fully trying to do something new.

And with Wanted by Night, when you smell that, you feel like it's its own thing. It's not trying to play off somebody else's playbook.

But Azzaro The Most Wanted does that. That being said, it does it well. It does it successfully, so you can't get too upset about it.


In summary, “Azzaro the Most Wanted” offers a sweet and attention-grabbing fragrance experience.

Despite its resemblance to Emporio Armani's Stronger With You line, it executes this style successfully, making it an appealing scent for those who enjoy ultra-sweet fragrances.

When it comes to the Azzaro Wanted line, “The Most Wanted” and “Wanted by Night” are the standout fragrances, offering a high-tier designer fragrance experience. With excellent performance and broad appeal, “The Most Wanted” is a strong addition to the collection.

For those looking for an exciting, affordable fragrance, “The Most Wanted” is a solid choice, especially if you can find it at a discounted price, which is highly likely.

Just be sure that you appreciate sweet fragrances before making the purchase.

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