Angels Share by KILIAN Angels Share by KILIAN

Angels Share by Kilian Review: From Whiskey Glass to Fragrance Bottle

Angels Share by KILIAN
Angels Share by KILIAN

Angels Share is a unisex fragrance launched in 2020 by KILIAN Paris.

I must say this was one of my most anticipated fragrance releases of 2020 since the moment I found out.

And I knew just by the name and the notes that are in here, the cinnamon, the tonka bean absolute, the spices, the oak, the cognac, the sandalwood, the vanilla, that this was going to be a fragrance that was right up my alley and definitely a perfect fragrance for the fall, autumn, you know, and also the winter as well.

And sure enough, it did not let me down. It did not disappoint.

This is such an incredible fragrance. And I think that if you are a fan of these darker, richer, boozy, sweet sorts of fragrances if you are a fan of fragrances like Straight to Heaven, also Straight to Heaven Extreme, Black Phantom, those sweeter types of fragrances and offerings from the company By Kilian, I'm pretty confident that you're gonna end up loving this one.

What Does Angels Share smell like?

Angels Share notes:

The top note is Cognac.

Middle notes are Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, and Oak.

Base notes are Praline, Vanilla, and Sandalwood.

Now, as soon as this fragrance opens up, you are going to get this sugary boozy goodness.

And, of course, when you think of the name ‘Angel's Share,' Angel's Share refers to the percentage of alcohol that is lost on account of evaporation.

So when it evaporates it goes up into the atmosphere. And when you think of the heavens and where the angels live, that, you know, kind of goes along with the name ‘Angel's Share.'

Nevertheless, there is also a woodsy note here, which is oak. But that's not what you're going to get immediately in the opening.

You're going to get this boozy sugary thing going on in there. And I would imagine that a lot of the spices, like the cinnamon, contribute to that boozy accord that you get in the opening.

So, it opens up very sweet, delightfully sweet. And then it transitions into this creamy, smooth vanilla tonka bean combination while still keeping those spicy components that made it so addictive in the opening.

The opening of this fragrance is breathtaking, and it is one of the best openings that I've smelled in a fragrance.

When you smell it initially, you're gonna say, ‘Wow.' Like, it's going to catch you off guard.

It is exactly the type of fragrance that you're looking for for the fall and winter.

So you have this boozy opening, nothing citrusy to speak of, nothing floral to speak of. And then it transitions into this creamy sort of vanilla tonka bean thing.

And I would imagine a lot of that creaminess is also brought into the fragrance by this note of praline.

Now, to be honest with you, I've encountered praline in a few other fragrances in the past. Black XS by Paco Rabanne is one of them.

And I don't get anything that I would consider to be praline-like. But I can see if it's used in an ever-so-subtle manner, I can kind of imagine how it contributes to the overall fragrance. But it's awesome.

If you're a fan of heavier fragrances, long-lasting fragrances, fragrances that veer a little bit on the sweet side, and you don't mind boozy touches, definitely check out Angel's Share by Killian Paris. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

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My overall assessment of Angels Share

So, first up, in terms of the uniqueness and the overall smell, I consider this fragrance to be unique.

Of course, there have been other fragrances out there with a boozy accord, cognac, whiskey, rum, whatever you want to call it, several different types of spirits, right?

But in terms of the cognac and the sweetness and the way that it's being executed in this fragrance, I do consider this fragrance to be unique. I'm really happy that this was released.

How long does Angels Share last?

In terms of longevity—8 plus hours on my skin.

You can wake up the next morning after washing your hands, taking a shower, and everything, and you can still smell it on your hands, which is really impressive.

The projection on this one is also very good. I don't think it ever radiates beyond an arm's length.

You will get a waft from somebody if you are in their immediate bubble. Like, I was sitting on the couch next to my friend, and he was wearing it, and I was getting wafts all the time. But then the air conditioner was also blowing in my direction and a lot of variables to factor in.

But the projection is very good. And I would say right around that 7 to 8-hour mark is when it started to sit between a chest and an elbow's length.

So it started to get a little bit softer, but it didn't fully die out. So really good projection on this one. 

When to wear Angels Share?

In terms of versatility, I think this one is better suited for the colder weather.

I definitely would not wear this type of fragrance in the hotter weather.

I also find that this one could be totally unisex.

I think that sweetness would lend itself really well to a woman who wishes to wear this one.

But I also think there's this element of darkness, mysteriousness, and sophistication that is lent by the spices and the boozy nuances. So very versatile in that regard.

I also find this one to be a well-dressed fragrance—suit and tie.

You want to dress to impress, and that applies to your olfactory accessories as well.

So, I find that this fragrance leans more towards the formal side rather than being casual.

I believe that anyone of any age can wear this one. The sweetness makes it suitable for someone a little bit younger, while the boozy component makes it appropriate for someone a little bit older.


My final verdict on this fragrance is it has quickly become one of my favorite fragrances.

And I perceive that that's how it's going to stay for a long time to come because it's right in the wheelhouse of the types of fragrances that I am in love with—the fragrances that are darker, mysterious, resinous, spicy, boozy, sweet—you know, everything about it is just amazing. 

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