Amouage Opus XV King Blue Amouage Opus XV King Blue

Amouage Opus XV King Blue Review

Amouage Opus XV King Blue
Amouage Opus XV King Blue

The brand of Amouage is added again another addition to their Opus collection, this is Opus 15. The name of this fragrance is King Blue.

In this article, I will tell you about this fragrance, my assessment, the breakdown, how it performs on my skin, and whether it reminds me of anything else. It is in line with what can be expected from the brand of Amouage.

What Does Amouage King Blue Smell Like?

Here you have Mandarin, Blackcurrant, and Pink Pepper at the top.

Frankincense, Amber in the heart.

Sandalwood, Oakwood, Patchouli, Oud, and leather in the dry down.

When you think of Patchouli, you think of Oud, you think of Sandalwood, you think of all of these amazing ingredients, it is to be expected that this is going to be a heavy hitter type of fragrance.

It opens up with a little bit of freshness, just a little bit. You're not going to get a whole lot from this. It's not going to be this bright, jubilant, effervescent, zesty fragrance, that's not what you're gonna get from it.

I know, as far as the notes breakdown is concerned, it does say Mandarin, Okay, you get a little bit of a zest, and that's pretty much it.

Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper, so the thing with blackcurrant, it can smell a little musky and I think what's happening in here is that the blackcurrant is combining with the Oud in the dry down to create this sort of an animalic component to the fragrance.

And I'm gonna be honest with you, yes, there is an animal component to this fragrance. Of course, it's not the most animatic fragrance that Amouage has ever manufactured but there is this sort of animalic component to it and it adds that Resolute quality to the fragrance, it adds the longevity, it adds the mysterious nature, the enigmatic component to this fragrance.

If you are a fan of those types of fragrances, I have to be honest with you, is for the true connoisseur. You have to love Niche fragrances, artistic fragrances, fragrances that push the envelope. This fragrance is not a safe aquatic fragrance, right? This has heart, this has Pizzazz, and I love it.

In the Middle, you have frankincense and amber in the base, you have Sandalwood, Oakwood, Patchouli, Oud, and leather. The frankincense has a lemony Pine smell, but this does not smell Smoky.

There are fragrances like Interlude for men that do smell Smoky, there's Opus 7 which I think is composed by Alberto Morias, that also smells Smoky, this does not smell Smoky, it's creamy, it's smooth, it's Rich, it's a little animalic, it has some green tendencies in here, the frankincense contributes to it, the Patchouli contributes to it, the agarwood in here is such high quality.

This product is made in Amman, and they always use the best ingredients possible. I am in love with this fragrance. The only drawback is that I can only wear it in cold weather. However, if you're wearing it indoors in a climate-controlled environment and applying it lightly, you can certainly get away with this one with no problem at all, no questions asked.

However, the performance, longevity, attitude, demeanor, and vigor behind this fragrance are all incredibly strong.

Did you expect anything else? Royal Tobacco is amazing, Interlude for Men is amazing, Myths Man— all of these fragrances are powerhouses, and there's no exception here.

This is an awesome release from the brand. Woody, resinous, incense, balsamic, rich, slightly aromatic, a little warm in the opening but warming in the dry down when that amber starts to come out, all of these rich balsams that are in there, the frankincense is exemplary. This is a beautiful fragrance.

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How Unique is Amouage King Blue?

In terms of the uniqueness and the overall smell, as I said, Amouage has manufactured a lot of other dark fragrances, but even with this one, they managed to take it in a new direction.

There have been other dark fragrances from Amouage, Of course, frankincense is a motif in so many Amouage fragrances, but there's something about this one, the animalic components, the diversity of the woods, the earthy Patchouli, the warmth in the opening, the warmth in the base on account of the Amber bridging that Mandarin warmth in the opening, it's a beautiful fragrance, expertly composed by Alexis Grudgen and Hamid Merati Kashani, just beautifully done.

How Long Does Amouage King Blue Last?

Longevity on this one, 12 plus hours. This is an amazing performer, very highly concentrated.

The projection was enormous for the first two hours of application, radiated beyond an arm's length for about an hour, an hour and a half, arm's length for about two hours, elbow's length for about seven hours, skin scent right around 11 or 12 hours.

Versatility, Some people would argue it's masculine leaning, myself, I think it's perfectly unisex.

Great for the Colder Weather, great for formal scenarios, and great for somebody a little bit older, and more experienced with Niche fragrances.

In terms of the presentation, the presentation from Amouage products has always been top-notch.

In Conclusion: is Amouage King Blue worth it?

My final verdict on this fragrance, in terms of Niche fragrances, is one of the best releases of 2023, hands down. It is so special, it has so much going for it.

It's for The Connoisseur, you have to keep that in mind. This fragrance is for The Connoisseur.

You don't want to smell like everybody else, you want to be daring, want to be enigmatic, you want to be mysterious, You want something with quality, natural-smelling, long-lasting attributes, Opus 15, King Blue, Check it out if you have a chance.

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